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Kelvin, Dawn and Family

We met in 1970 at Winnipeg Bible College, now known as Providence College). Our first date was April 2, 1971. We were engaged February 14, 1973 and married on November 3rd 1973.

During the Winnipeg Bible College years and following we worked at odd jobs in Winnipeg, MB prior to Dawn aquiring a position as ward clerk at Grace Hospital.

Besides having a desire to live in the country and be involved, in some way, in farming, I always enjoyed vehicles of all kinds and wanted to drive truck. My first real trucking job was hauling mail by semi from Winnipeg to MooseJaw and return. (see "Trucking")

We became involved in farming in 1975 with my cousin Ron Hiebert. Later Dawn's parents helped us purchase our own farm in Saskatchewan and we moved there in April 1977. (see "Farming")

We have three children, Cameron who was born in 1975, Clayton who was born in 1978, and Carma who was born in 1983.

This picture is taken on moving day, April 2, 1977 on the former John Epp farm near Elm Creek, Mb where we had lived for about a year. The moving convoy consisted of our 65 Olds Starfire, 59 GMC grain truck, followed by 4 pickups: my Dad's 76 GMC, our new 77 Chev, Pete Bergen's 77 GMC and Dawn's Dad's Ford 3/4 ton, driven by Dawn's brother, Randy Slager.

The old 6 cylinder grain truck cruised at about 55 mph max, so Dad stayed with me and the others went on ahead. My Mom drove our pickup and our 18 month old son Cameron rode with Dawn for part of the way and then with Pete & Frieda. Like the picture suggests, it was a mild spring; the snow was gone in Manitoba and conditions were the same at our new home. It was a great day -- feeling the adventure, the excitement, the anticipation. At not yet 25 years old, it felt like all of life was ahead of us.