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Trucking History

I grew up well connected to the trucking world. My Dad, Tom Wiebe was a produce delivery driver in Winnipeg when I was about 4 years old. I remember well the dash of the late 40s or early 50s GM truck as Dad took me along on his deliveries. In 56 to 57, Dad hauled cars from southern Ontario to Winnipeg and only on a few occasions was I able to ride along in the '56 Ford to do a local delivery. He then hauled freight traveling to Minnesota, Iowa, and the eastern US seaboard. The single driver trips were often with a R190 International and the longer eastern trips were team driving in a H Model Mack. I only got to ride along from the truck terminal to a main street near our home.

My first solo truck/trailer trip was from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw on April 30, 1972 about 5 weeks before turning 19. I was driving International 2000s with 250 Cummins pulling 45ft vans hauling mail.

Truck Pictures

July 1975

1980 Driving For George Smith, Agassiz, BC

Willy Dyck's 1995 Freightliner

1960 IHC Postal Contract to Brandon ('72-'73)

94 Freightliner - Working for D&D Livestock

94 Freightliner 

97 Freightliner - Loading culled cows at St. Thomas, ON

97 Freightliner - Crossing at Detroit, Spring '97

97 Freightliner - Took my Dad along on this trip.

Freightliners '97, '89 &  '88 Cabover

93 Peterbuilt

89 Freightliner with '97 Wilson Super B

Cam hooked the '88 to the cattle liner for a photo  

88 Freightliner delivering barley at Steinbach, MB

Pulling Tom Werle's A train

77 Louisville 8000 Main farm tandem from 1992 - present.

Hauling Barley to Whitewood July '19 Drivers: Tom Loewen & Kelvin Wiebe