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1957 Pontiac Laurentian

In April 1971, I found this 57 Pontiac for sale a few blocks from home (St. James - Assiniboia, Winnipeg). I was just home from college, 18 and penniless. I called my Dad at work immediately, alerting him to the fact that we would be looking at this car ASAP. The seller had owned this hard top for 6 years and only clocked 10000 miles on it for a then current 46000 in total. He wanted $200, which I thought was reasonable. Because of a small rad problem (leaking overflow tube, as it turned out), he was now asking $185. Dad offered him $175 and we drove it home.

Dad and I made a verbal deal: I would buy the car from him when I had the money but he retained the right of first refusal but at the original price! Even though over 40 years has passed, and Dad is still around, it has never been an issue.

The car's option list included the top-of-the-line Laurentian model, 4 door hard top, a 283 ci V8, powerglide automatic, and radio. Even though it doesn't have PS, PB, or the desirable 4 barrell "power pack" options, it was a very good find with little to no rust at that time. The very first modification made was a home made dual exhaust with Thrush mufflers at a friend's dad's workshop.

So this was my regular daily driver until 1976 when I bought a 65 Olds Starfire. During this time, Dawn & I dated, got married, and brought our first born home in the Pontiac. We took the car along when we moved to Saskatchewan and other than two winters, it has always been stored inside. I worked on it occasionally, keeping it operational and plated it a number of summers. Within the past year, I have begun the restoration process.

1975 -

Reinstalling the overhauled engine with the assistance of my friend, Dennis Wiebe. 

Disassembling the '57 Pontiac

Waiting at Greg Hodgen's garage.

Greg starts his work.

Back at our shop. We reinstalled the freshly detailed engine with the correct factory colors.

Back at Greg's garage for body work.

base layer.....

getting its original color back.